What is required to rent a boat trailer from ASA Boat Trailer Rental?

We consider many things before you rent our boat trailers. We require a valid driver’s license issued by the Florida DMV to prove you are eligible to rent. You must also provide proof of valid insurance for a tow vehicle. We accept rental payments from clients using charge cards such as Visa, Amex, Discover and MasterCard. NO DEBIT CARDS, NO ATM CARDS, NO GIFT CARDS, NO SECURED CREDIT CARDS, NO EBT/FOOD STAMP CARDS.

Can I rent a boat trailer for more than a week?

Trailers can be rented daily or weekly. After 1 week, we will take an additional credit card payment for the extended time requested on your credit card provided at the time of rental. If the credit card is declined, alternative payment must be received immediately or the trailer has to be returned the same day by law to avoid criminal and civil penalties.

Do you provide transportation service?

ASA Boat Trailer Rental does not transport boats for liability reasons, but our sister company ASA Transportion LLC that has an impeccable service and safety record. We only hire ex-military or retired police officers for our drivers, and of course the trucks are new as well as the trailers.

Is the rental policy the same for all the trailers?

Yes, all trailers have the same criteria. An including required security deposit that will be taken based on the components of the trailer.

How can one reach out to ASA Boat Trailer Rental?

You can reach us by phone at (Miami Dade – Broward) 786-366-9200 or (Palm Beach – Jupiter – Palm City) 561-366-9200 or via email at info@asaboattrailerrental.com. We are available 24/7 to ensure you get precise answers to all your questions.